Saturday, June 25, 2011

Snapping Turtle Back in the River Part Three

Here is the Snapping Turtle back in the river.
( Please click the photo above to enlarge it to fully enjoy the details of this turtle) It must be exhausted! It looks like it must be resting on its laurels wherever they are located? Just a quick review of what it had to endure physically. It climbed out of the river. Climbed to the location beside the railroad bed. dug a nest site, laid eggs ( maybe about 20?), covered the eggs, then returned downhill to the river. She must be all tuckered out! I really like this picture. the positioning of the turtle is unusual and I like the way the light plays on the turtle underwater.

To enjoy the entire turtle story please check out part one and part two posted previously


Helen said...

I hope you can get a picture of all the babies. I don't know about there but here is is a crime to bother a nest or get any of the babies. I have seen a video of them running to the water as soon as they hatch. People were all along a path cheering them on. Helen

Becky said...

Awesome image Ann. I hope all the eggs hatch. It's been so wet here for days.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I love your pictures and how you followed this turtle's journey as the circle of life continues!