Thursday, June 02, 2011

A raccoon visitor to Bird Alley

A handsome, healthy looking raccoon dropped by Bird Alley early yesterday evening, looking for a lunch of sunflower seeds and it found it! No matter how cute and sweet looking it appears to be, we don't want it here. I am concerned about a possible encounter and what might happen between the raccoon and our dearly loved cat. Hopefully I will have no story to relate on that topic.

This creature had a very beautiful looking ringed tail!


Anonymous said...

May have to secure a box trap and relocate the raccoon, or he will remain and stay where the food is (bird feeders).


Riel Nason said...

Thta first picture is gorgeous -- but yes, hope he stays away from Pepper Shaker.

Mary said...

It is hard to have them hanging around and know what to do about it. They come and clean up my spilled bird seed and steal the suet. Such a pest! Mine mostly come late at night. I worry about our cats and have to make sure they are in the house at night. We get skunks, raccoons, possums. Don't want my cats to tangle with any of them!