Thursday, June 02, 2011

Mourning Cloak Butterfly.

Finally I was able to get a picture of a Mourning Cloak butterfly! . I have been trying to do this since April when I had first started to see them on an old dirt road. Yesterday I had gone to a small pond hoping to see something to take a picture of when I saw something small and dark cross the road in front of my car, a dragonfly , maybe? I inched my car up to an approximate location when I had seen it enter the roadside bushes. Then I saw it! A beautiful Mourning Cloak draped on a small branch of a bush.
How delicate its ivory lacy edge looked and its beautiful blue spots on its black border were so lovely and distinct.


Stephanie V said...

I'm not familiar with this's so beautiful. And thank you for a story to go with it. Nice.
I left an award for you on mine. Please drop by and pick it up - anytime.

Mary said...

Great shot! I've never seen one of those. I have a lot of trouble getting the butterflies to pose so nicely for me :-)