Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yesterday's Gleanings along a roadside

This season is rather full of bugs. To walk along an road in a wooded area is an invitation to black flies and mosquitoes to feed upon you. I usually come home with a multitude of bites . Not so yesterday however, as I have developed the technique of driving very slowly ( about 5 km/ hr.) with the car window on the driver's side unrolled and as I drive along I scanned the vegetation as I pass by looking for butterflies, Skippers and dragonflies. Yesterday there was no traffic on this dirt road as I drove on its left side and I was able to find a butterfly, a couple of skippers, ( they look like miniature butterflies, and a beautiful dragonfly.My first find yesterday was this orange butterfly which I hsve id'ed as a Northern Crescent. Its beautiful isn't it?My next find was a skipper! This is what I had been looking for!!!! Wow!. I think this might be a Hobomok Skipper Skipper. I love finding these little creatures!

Next my next great discovery hanging on to a Purple Vetch blossom was A magnificent Dragonfly!!!! Here it is shown below.I have tried to id this dragonfly and the best I can come up with is that it is maybe a Stream Cruiser.

So that was the results of my roadside cruising yesterday. I think I will do that again this morning as its a lovely sunny day here. A great day for butterflies and other flying creatures to be out and about.


Ruth Hiebert said...

Sounds like fun.The result are some great pictures.

Emma Springfield said...

I too like to get out and just go where the steering wheel takes me. You just don;t know what you will discover.